Monday, August 27, 2012

Dearest Mun Yee

Hey ah po! 

how can u leave me, edwin and victoria here alone? 
how can u leave me with no more noise anymore ?
Who am i going to shout at? Fight with ? 
Who am i going to be crazy with ?

Oh man, WHY must u go so farrrrr...


I know i cant stop it, God has this wonderful marvellous and awesome plan for you, so it is really bad for me to stop u right? Well i dont really have that big big influence compare to God. :) 

Time passes so fast 

We have known each other for like more than a decade already, it is really hard for me to just let go of my best friend like this, i couldnt remember how we actually become so close d. From young till we are 19, we have been so strong together, so many people come and go, but we are still standing firm. 

I think im going to miss dancing with u also lar! Last time we always pray that we will be in the same group, even if one of us cant make it, sure will end up swapping in each others' group :) 

Everytime I think of the stupid things we do together, i will sure laugh, so silly la us. I am so sorry that i've always fight with u , but i couldnt help it, because of disagreements :P haaa.. just joking! i think it is because sometimes i just dont feel right if we dont fight, so weird! or maybe we r too use to each other, we just treat each other like somebody that we can just express out everything, FAMILY :) 

Remember to not kick me out from the bungalow ok? haa.. I feel very sad leh, everytime u say we cant stay tgt. I am left alone :( You know I feel so bless and love to have u and everyone of us in our group ? Although i am always the one that dont know anything de! hahahaha.. Especially after wei sen, i had trouble forgetting him but u always sure say something funny, then slowly it goes off. So if next time, i face this problem already how? no one joke around with me anymore :) 

My beloved sister, if i didn't cry in the airport, don't worry, I am crying writing this, is just very weird only ed and me sending u off, then i cry. hahahaha!! (if i didn't cry) if i did then ignore this line! hahahah

I just realize we took so little pictures leh! We are not a camera like people huh ?! hahahahha

here are some memories and pictures that we had 

Remember this ???
our first carl jr, and everyone was looking at it like some hungry people! 
our First group photo
when we are 13!
u look so funny here lar!
Our first time singing in camp tgt!
3 of us together in a group! 

This was the picture we planned to stay over in Bernice's house!


NAH ur 38 picture! hahahahaha.. i curi curi ambik!
First time the 5 standing firm besties take our group picture.
couldnt believe this is the last picture we take before u leave to persue ur studies

making in progress
and lastly,
our friendship band which represents all of us

Mun yee, 
U have been a good friend throughout the years in my life, I've been saying it over and over again, because i really mean it. I couldnt believe my life without u as part of my family member :( Although we only meet each other like one week once but now i can only meet u like 2 years once. :( 

Thank you for all your prayers, and celebrations, presents, love, care and many many more things, now is my turn to keep u in prayer too! I hope u find someone that treat u as good as we do, love u as much as we do, and also maybe LIFE PARTNER?! :D

When u feel very tired and stress, give a call back to us, we will be here for u, we are ur family too. Just dont forget us when u have new friends. :) 

We have grown up so much, u c from the first picture to the last group picture! We have also grown so much in christ, I believe God will continue to guide u to grow more in the future. Wanna know something? 

I am very very proud of u, that u r persuing medicine and BECOME a missionary doctor, this is an awesome job, God has certainly used the right person to reach out! Continue to grow in God kay! 

Hope u like the gift and sweets that I give u :) 

God bless u my sister

Keep us updated always and plan a nice time that all of us can ooVoo together!

Love u 


Friends come and go,

but true ones remain.

thank you so much for placing this awesome sister in my life
Continue to bless her and guide her throughout her life
Although she might be far away from her family and friends
Arrange reliable and good people around her and let her to stand strong for u 
and always strong faith that u r always there 
Because u r always there. 

Dancer for God 

Monday, March 5, 2012

I did

Actually i did..

i did..


just not as much as to the previous one..

Please do not think that

it's not hard or difficult for me too..
or i played..

it kills me..
it hurts!

and yes..

I am jealous seeing u with others
and treat them the same as u treat me last time..

but i have to ignore it..
and act invisible

Because i want
because i care
that u r my friend.

Things should not be serious and awkward

well.. I'll be ok soon..
sorry if i'm being super annoying to u
by bugging u with somethingsssss.. XD
it's just me not being me anymore!!!

I wish to be ur best friend again!
that u spill most of the things to! ahhaha

sometimes decision and reality's feeling
are definitely opposite.

Oh lord, strengthen me
it's really affecting me..
But with u all things are possible..
Be my tour guide along the road..
thank you God

Dancer for God

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i'm sorry

i'm so sorry...

That our story

Have to end this way.

i'm sorry that i'm so selfish,
i just wish u could tell me
how u feel now
than just keeping it to urself.
oh lord,
i don't know how much pain and silence we r going to face
to whosoever,
guide him down the road.
i loved him before.
oh lord,
Guide me to ur light.

Dancer For God

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year EVE

Special year for Chinese New year!
cause there's no 30th but only 29! hehehe

ok, as usual, today is a Sunday,
went to church in the morning,
then back home


i realize i'm quite a forgetful person
i've promised people things
and i tend to forget about it
it's a bad habit!!!!
hate it

then OFF TO FESTIVAL mall!
planning to get some new clothes,
well saw some, wanted some
but couldn't get it
as i'm fatter now and my mom was with me
the whole time just now
so have to like,

love this top though!

so end up

so balik rumah
and had a thunder/lightning NAP!
sgt bising, but i'm impress how P-I-G
i was! hahahaha

EVE mesti perlu makan dgn family kan??
so had dinner

we were pretty early for the THIRD session dinner
so our food came in so fast, we had to asked them to slow down!!!

within an hour, we r done with our dinner!
sgt cepat right?????? hahahaha

here's some picture

oh! before that! like i've mentioned, it came really fast, so we had to eat fast
so didn't ambil the before product only the end de! hahahaa

ini nasi!
my cousin adorable leh! hahaha

oh? some white wine, but more like a juice!

my favourite part of the dinner!

The desserts!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
love the middle desserts! Its delicious!
along with


First ang pau!

ok! that's all! sorry for the bad english!

as time goes by,
the new year spirit that was in me had slowly faded
but I still cherish every moment
that I get to spend with my
Happy Chinese New Year

Thank you God
for all the wonderful things u did in my life
including today
i'm happy to be in this world
as your daughter

till then,

missing you.

Dancer for God

Monday, January 16, 2012


Holiday is pretty


so i could not restrain myself from going out!
yet i no longer have enough money to go out!!!!!

Since Yesterday Sam was going back to Johor

but before that, he teman me to midvalley
to get the pants that i want.


sudah takda stock.


before that, i went to play L4D! walao!
love it so much!

was suppose to help him pack?
end up L4D!
feel so guilty now! hahahaha

Then after midv, back home after having delicious beef noodle

then off to my friend's house for bbq gathering party!

it was really nice, as all of us have been seperated for a long time

we may be in the same College,
but definitely most of us are in the different class

ok, most of the bbq food were so DELICIOUS
i love bbq-ing MASHMALLOWS!!!!


p/s: i'm quite good at cooking beef! oh ya!!!

That's it for now!!!

Friendship will not fade
as long our hearts are still there
for each other.

thank you God for everything
you make my life so meaningful
Although they are not 100% perfect person
they are still perfectly made by you.
thank you God.

till then,

Dancer for God

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just be a good friend

HI everyone!

well, i mentioned in my previous post,
my friends have gone back to their

there were two more left here. hahahah
Since it's there last day,
i took the initiative to ajak them to makan

Sam and Kevin.

i felt guilty to Sam as i thought he had gone back to Johor yesterday
so i didn't celebrate with him and left him alone at home yesterday
and kevin was alone.

it was nice having dinner with them
well i really miss all of them.
feel kinda empty without them around!

after dinner we walked to jusco, to check out CNY clothes! hahahah

and get


Then head back home.

Short yet memorable time with them.

Safe Journey back home to S'wak and Johor my friends.

memory can be implement
either within a short or long time.

Thank you God
For everything
Protect them and journey mercy to them
when they r on their way back
to meet their love ones
Thank you God for making them part of my life
love them all..

Dancer for God

missing you, Goldey.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Shopping Fiesta

how r all of u!
(don't know how many of you read my post but still HI!)

Going to update my blog frequently,
as i've promise myself to update someone about my life! heheh

well, went to Nichii Warehouse today.

one word


i guess maybe because it's somehow the end of the warehouse
that's why less Tee but more elderly clothes and dresses. (sorry if i offend anyone!)

so we plan to head off to other places,
but we realized that we do not have any other choices and we were

so we head off to
to have our lunch.

Well i like the food there, i practically had
and spring roll with cheese, but i've forgoten to take the picture! hehe.

We plan to head off for movie, since we can't find any shops or malls to go.
but we r tooooooo unlucky. There's no movie around 2 but only at 3
we can't stay to watch, as i have music class!

so we shopped around the mall
i like the whole set but i couldn't afford to buy all.

i LOVE Teetoo!

Soon, we head off to Festival Mall, as i have music class there
As time was still early, we went into
Cotton On

it has been my love for a long long time.

i love the high waist short jeans so much, but it's RM99. Too poor.
Let's wait until after CNY!

instead, i GOT THIS!
NEW BABY! <3 it!

Times up, off to music class

practically this is what i did the whole day with leng lui, Huan Hee.
sorry if too much details! hahahahaha.

sometimes what we love
it might not be what we need.

Thank you God for this memorable day.
i know you have prepare something better for me
no matter it is clothes, food, or even life.
i know You will always be there.
thank you for loving me God,
i love u and protect those whoever reads this post.

till then,
Dancer for God.